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Innovation and collaboration is the key to a better healthcare system. Discover, develop and distribute right on the PatientSky 360 Platform. Find the partner program that fits your company and your solution.
The PatientSky 360 Platform is the best open eHealth platform to help you build scalable healthcare SaaS products. Healthcare software development carries a high entry barrier due to outdated legacy components and requirements for compliance and security. We want to change that. We provide different partner programs - solutions that fit every sustainable purpose.

External partner

Price on request

Create your standalone application and interaction on the PatientSky 360 Platform

Are you a vendor, who either delivers IOT devices to homecare services or clinical devices to service providers in the healthcare sector? You could also be an app provider, who wants to deliver standalone applications with your own brand, but integrated with PatientSky? Or maybe you are a research unit, a medicinal company or similar, who wants to develop standalone applications for patient and user involvement? If you are a match for one of the above, then you are an external partner.
  • As an external partner you get access to:
  • FHIR Api Gateway
  • Login and Authentication Service
  • IOT Integrations
  • Clinical Device Integration
  • Terminology
  • EHR Entry Service for objective findings
  • Medication
  • LAB
  • File server for streaming 
  • Communication and Notification Service

Internal module partner

Price on request

Develop your software on the PatientSky 360 Platform

Are you a vendor, who just wants to deliver modules and niche products in combination with existing functionality and applications from other vendors? Do you simply want to keep focus on what you do best, namely developing and running your specialist domain in healthcare? Then you are an internal module partner. With the PatientSky 360 Platform, you get all the benefits from a highly structured and scalable international platform for both PaaS and SaaS enterprise solutions that enables you to further develop your next-generation eHealth modules.  
No customer relations - just low-code
As an internal module partner, we offer our PaaS Partner Program to handle all the infrastructure – from support to hosting and billing. All the tools are ready for you to develop your software and sell.
  • An Internal module partner gets access to all features on the 360 platform. Learn more about the 360 platform architecture here
  • Hosting Service
  • Platform Tools
  • Platform Services
  • Core Modules
  • Platform API Gateway and platform documentation
  • Data Migration Services Tool
  • Partner Management 

PaaS partner

Price on request

Build your business on the PatientSky 360 platform

If you want to deliver SaaS software to the end user then you are a PaaS partner. You may be an existing EHR supplier with legacy systems, a brand new vendor, who wants to enter the market, or a large enterprise, who will have its own system of proprietary applications in addition.
PatientSky's PaaS Partner Program offers a white labeling of the platform's modules as well as apps. This means you have the opportunity to brand your very own SaaS cloud-based EHR solution with your own colors and logo. You will also have the opportunity to resell internal partner modules and offer your customers open FIHR SDK for external app integrations. The PatientSky 360 Platform is the perfect fit for launching your new SaaS business in just days. No need to build your own complex multi-tenant system - we already built it. It is modular, secure, flexible and configurable. All you need to do is set up your business and hit the road.
Your solution, Your brand, Your business
As a PaaS partner, we offer you the chance of direct customer relations with your SaaS customer. The PaaS partner program makes the whole platform available to you and your business - and it is fast and easy to get started. You are given thorough training with a certification of completion. Moreover, you get the opportunity to develop your own applications on the PatientSky 360 Platform and in addition, the chance to use and resell existing applications on the platform.
  • An PaaS partner gets access to all features on the 360 platform. Learn more about the 360 platform architecture here
  • Hosting Service
  • Platform Tools
  • Platform Services
  • Core Functionality
  • Country Functionality 
  • Platform Api Gateway
  • Data Migration Highspeed Service
  • Module Marketplace (PatientSky Store)
  • Enterprise Business intelligence integration
  • Partner Management Portal
  • UI/UX Rebranding service 

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