PatientSky 360 Platform

PatientSky provides a low-code development platform.
We believe in open interaction between vendors across the healthcare sector by using technology as a facilitator for interoperability and innovation for better patient care.

An open ecosystem

The PatientSky 360 Platform is a low-code development platform (LCDP) and at the same time an open ecosystem that allows vendors to interact intra-platform and reuse applications across customers. An LCDP platform provides a development-environment used to create application software through graphical components, configuration and a limited amount of traditional hand-coded computer programming. A low-code model enables developers of varied experience levels to create applications using LCDP technology and model-driven logic. 
Through the PatientSky 360 Platform vendors can reuse and produce entirely operational applications or add extra code for specific situations. Low-code development platforms reduce the amount of traditional hand-coding thereby enabling an accelerated delivery of business applications. A common benefit is that a wider range of people can contribute to the application's development - not only those with formal programming skills. LCDPs can also lower the initial cost of setup, training, deployment and maintenance. 

Partners. Platform. Product.

At PatientSky we believe that customers’ needs’ in healthcare and adjoint markets are becoming more and more diverse for any single software provider to meet them by 100%. We believe that all healthcare stakeholders deserve to benefit from improved innovation, ability to manage costs and focus on what matters most ie to provide predictable, timely and high quality of care of every patient. That is only achieved through open ecosystems.
External partner
SaaS customer
Branding UI/UX
Internal partner
PaaS partner
Country localization partner
PatientSky 360 Platform

Partner possibilities

The PatientSky 360 platform is developed to serve as a digital eHealth ecosystem. The Platform allows vendors to jumpstart development of eHealth solutions on already existing platform and use modern development tools to continuously develop new functionalities and services to meet the evolving needs of your customers. Discover the perfect solution for your company here.

SaaS Customer

End customer; SaaS Clinic or SaaS Enterprise

Internal Partner

Delivers modules onto the platform to be resold to PaaS partners, who then will be responsible for support, sale and CX in their respective countries.

Country Localization Partner

Only one in each country. This is a Gold partner of PatientSky.
The Country Localization Partner locally adapts the solution to the country.

External Partner

Partner who utilizes integrations with the PatientSky 360 Platform, but who directly owns the customer relationships in specific countries.

Branding UI/UX

User Interface / User Experience can easily be adapted
to fit the requirements of the specific SaaS Customer

PaaS  Partner

Partner with permission to white-label the PS solution in a specific country with the intention to resell internal modules under their own brand. Can hence own the customer relationship with a SaaS customer.

PatientSky 360 Platform

The core platform built and delivered by PatientSky.

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